Before the introduction of the euro, the current eurozone members issued their own individual national coinage, most of which featured mint marks, privy marks and/or mint master marks. These marks have been continued as a part of the national designs of the euro coins, as well. This article serves to list the information about the various types of identifying marks on euro coins, including engraver and designer initials and the unique edge inscriptions found on the €2 coins.

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€2 edge inscriptions

Az euró érméket készítő országok egyedi peremmel láthatják el a 2 eurós érmeket. Ezek három csoportba oszthatók. 1-es típusú, 2-es típusú, illetve egyedi.


Designer, sculptor and engraver initials on standard euro coins.

National identifying marks

National identifying marks of euro coins

Mint master marks

Mint master marks or privy marks are symbols representing directors, chief engravers or chief executive officers of mints.

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